The Animated Vision Tests



Our eyes developed as survival sensors to detect motion and distance and NOT just to see the difference between the letters ‘E’ and ‘C’. 


Despite the fact that you are reading this, the primary function of our eyes is for detecting that motion and distance. 


The Animated Vision tests take advantage of that function to provide tests for visual acuity that are more precise and faster to administer than static image tests yet don’t require the subject to read any language, or even be able to read.  As such, the Animated Vision tests are culture, age, and education independent.


The Animated Vision tests are for screening purposes only and are NOT a substitute for an examination by a licensed vision care professional.  All of the Dyop™ Vision Tests are in an Adobe Flash Graphic format and may be viewed using Internet Explorer (with ActiveX enabled) or Google Chrome or Firefox or Safari or other graphic viewers such as Irfanview with the Flash Graphic plug-ins or using the free Adobe Flash Graphic Viewer enabled.


The  Dyop™ Vision Tests measures visual acuity that is potentially faster, easier, and more accurate than the classic Snellen test (the "Big E" on the wall) and do not require the person to be able to read English or even to be able to read. 


The Dyop™ tests include a test for Visual Acuity, an Acuity Screening test for infants and children, a Color Acuity test that is a potential test for dyslexia, and a Peripheral Distortion test for understanding the peripheral limits inherent in progressive lenses.


Further comments on the limits of progressive lenses are covered in a discussion of Induced Dyslexia.





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